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Welcome to Wiedemann Candles 

Wiedemann – Expertise in candles and wax art since 1861

Frankfurt Messe

Christmasworld 2024


Die Messe ist vorbei, aber wir können es kaum erwarten, Sie nächstes Jahr wiederzusehen!

"Tausende von Kerzen kann man am Licht einer Kerze anzünden, ohne dass ihr Licht schwächer wird. Freude nimmt nicht ab, wenn sie geteilt wird"

Siddharta Gautama - Buddha


Super Angebot

Entdecken Sie preiswerte Widmann-Kerzen zweiter Wahl für stimmungsvolle Beleuchtung in Ihrem Zuhause.

For us, a candle is much more than just the combination of the individual components of wax, wick and color. The atmospheric candlelight creates atmosphere and well-being, it awakens beautiful memories and has a harmonious effect on the mood. It is the touch of luxury for every day. 

While in the summer months the light of a candle lights up the garden or the terrace and thus comfortably ends mild evenings our candles have a high season anyway during the dark season. On rainy days or on cozy autumn evenings, beside a good book, a hot cup of tea, there is of course a sea of light made of candles. 


It is our aim that our candles trigger exactly these feelings in your home, which is why candles have been our passion since the foundation of our company in 1861 by Ludwig Wiedemann.


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